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General Conditions

  General information

Except under special written agreement, the shipping of the purchased items expressed by the customer, involves his/her agreement with the general conditions of sale. None stipulation made by the customer about the conditions of shipping, letters, or acknowledge receipt or other documents, will not change from the conditions of TesorosDelAyer.com unless specifically agreed upon by this company. The information and prices listed in the catalogs are for reference only. TesorosDelAyer.com will be able to change them in any moment, with no previous warning, depending on the evolution of the economic conditions, with the aim of having the customers informed of those changes.



Purchases can be ordered online or by phone. The confirmation of the orders will be sent to TesorosDelAyer.com. An order is not definitive until its accepted by TesorosDelAyer.com. Every stipulation that revokes or completes the general sale conditions will be accepted by the customer if theres no answer by him/her.

  Prices and ways of payment

?  The prices of the orders invoice to the customers will be increased depending on the forced taxes. Not catalogued or special products that are not listed in TesorosDelAyer.com will be invoice according to the stipulated price in the commercial proposal, with the appropiate taxes. Los precios facturados al Cliente por los productos ser�n incrementados con los impuestos vigentes. Los pedidos particulares y de productos que no figuran en la tarifa TesorosDelAyer.com se facturar�n seg�n el precio estipulado en la propuesta comercial incrementados igualmente en los oportunos impuestos.
?  The sale of the products or services, will be done with the price and conditions offered in every case. La venta al cliente de productos o servicios se realizar� por el precio y condiciones ofrecidos en cada caso.
?  The possible ways of payment to satisfy TesorosDelAyer.com, the ammounts reffered in the point b) will be determinated in every case in the the particular applicable conditions. ?  The payment of the refered amounts in the point a) will be satisfy according to the agreed terms in every case in the particular applicable conditions or subsidiarely, paying cash.

?  In case of not paying the items, there may be applied the legal interest rate,  increased in three points.
?  The expenses and taxes that may be accrued with every purchase are the responsability of the customer, who will have to pay for them. TesorosDelAyer.com will reserve the right of modify the price of any item, agreeing with the market conditions in the supply date.


?  TesorosDelAyer.com is making its better efforts to make sure that the information that appears in this WebPage is correct and keeps updated. 
?  TesorosDelAyer.com doesnt hold responsable for the mistakes or omission that could exist in the WebPage.
?  With the exception of a possible particular agreement, the products of TesorosDelAyer.com will be sent in the agreed terms from the day of payment, or from the moment that the order is accepted from TesorosDelAyer.com. The send deadlines will depend on the avaliability of each product. In the orders with several items, there will be a single parcel, which will correspond with an item whom term of deliver will be longer. These terms are guidance only and TesorosDelAyer.com is efforting to respect them. Nevertheless, the delay will not involve cancelation nor any kind of compensation.
Any clause of penalty for the delays, introduced by the customer in its order, will not be effective by the application of the point 1 of these conditions of sale.
?  The deliver is considered done from the moment that the product is given to the Customer by the carrier of the order, and the addressee signs the reception of the delivery. The addressee of the items has the responsability of checking all the products, in the moment of the reception of the order, and to expose all the claims that may be justified. 
?  The client will have 24 hours to check the integrity of the products, and once the time is over, it will be accepted the integrity and the contents of the product.


?  TesorosDelAyer.com guarantees that has all the permissions to sell in  www.TesorosDelAyer.com
?  TesorosDelAyer.com guarantees that its Internet plataforms are ready to sell products and services.
?  The quality and operation guarantees of the products or services from TesorosDelAyer.com will be stablished in every case in the particular conditions. TesorosDelAyer.com doesnt give any guarantees about the results that could be got from the use of its products or services, neither from the total reliability or inexistebce of errors in them.
?  TesorosDelAyer.com is making its best efforts to get the most correct information in the webpage, but we cant guarantee the descriptions. The products may undergo in specifications, colours or other design characteristics.

?  TesorosDelAyer.com doesnt give any guarantee about products or services of third parties (other people) .
?  The terms of refunds of a product is 7 days from the date of delivery to the customer. The refunds will only be accepted once TesorosDelAyer.com accepts them and whenever they carry out with the refund conditions expressed in the webpage. Passed this time, the items cant be changed.
?  TesorosDelAyer.com keeps the right to not accept a devolution of a product depending of the state in which this will be returned.

  Personal Details Protection

Agreeing with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th of December, of Personal Data Protection " Protecci�n de Datos de Car�cter Personal (LOPDP)", we report you that when you fill the forms of this webpage, your personal details will be added and treated in the automaticed files from TesorosDelAyer.com. De main aim of the file is to keep a relationship with our costumers, provide the process of the orders, carrying out of statistic studies, and the sending of advertises related to the products and services that tesorosdelayer.com can offer.
We will just ask you for the necessary details to proceed the required service and they will only be used for this porpuse. TesorosDelAyer.com will make sure that these details are confidential and we grant you that they will not be given for any other use without the previous permission of our Customers.
You have the right to acceed, cancel or modify your details in [email protected] or in our office of TesorosDelAyer.com.
The site of TesorosDelAyer.com is registered with the authorities of sites indentification to allow that your navigator will confirm the indentity of the shop "TesorosDelAyer.com", before any of your details are trainsmitted.
With this technology:
? The identity of our site is automatically confirmed before the transmission of any kinf of information of our customers, requested to complete an order "online".

? When your details get the wished tardet, your navigator will notify you that the site could be our could not be save, and it should be avoided.
Our compromises is following the laws about data protection, specially in everything related to the information rights, access, modification and cancelling of your data.


If you choose to sign in in ElCorteIngles.com and you supply the requested information, we never sell, trade, or otherwise share any of this information with any other company or organization.If you sign up for one of our contest or mailing lists your email will be used to send you our weekly newsletter.  You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the remove me link included in every email. You will have the right to accede, modify or delete them.


In order to further protect customer information, certain forms on TesorosDelAyer.com are run on a secure server, utilizing encryption technology to safeguard all credit card transactions from unauthorized viewing. We use industry-standard SSL encryption. This encryption makes it absolutely impossible for unauthorized parties to read any information that you send us. GeoTrust verifies the security of this WebSite.

  Legal Security

?  If any of these term and conditions would not be legally accepted, it wont affect to the rest of terms and conditions.
?  This general sale conditions and the signed contracts are taken from the present legislation. Any lawsuit related to the interpretation or execution of the general sale conditions and the signed contract with a client will be of the exclusive flied of the courts of Madrid.




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